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The Philadelphia Harp Society embodies the rich harp history of our city. Our members include:
  •   Harp professionals and semi-professionals
  •   Harp instructors
  •   Students and hobbyists
  •   Harp makers
  •   Friends of the harp
  •   Relatives of harpists
If you are a harp player or supporter of the harp, please join our chapter! Membership includes:
  •   Newsletters—including schedules of upcoming concerts and events, meetings, harps for sale, and other harp information pertinent to our region.
  •   World-class concerts
  •   Masterclasses
  •   Get-togethers for professionals
  •   Student recitals
  •   Membership list with addresses and phone numbers.
Join the Philadelphia Harp Society today!


     Manijeh Pickard, President president@phillyharp.org  
Elizabeth Huston, Vice President email: liz.morganellis@gmail.com

Nichole Rohrbach, Secretary email: nicholerohrbach@gmail.com

Cheryl Dungan Cunningham, Treasurer email: cdcharp@aol.com