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2017 Competition Student

Philadelphia Harp Chapter Harp Competition

Was Held on:

June 10, 2017


Temple Music Prep

Senior Pedal Harp

  • Sonata in C Minor, Movement III by Giovanni Battista Pescetti

  • Solfeggietto by K.P.E Bach, arranged by Marie Miller

Junior Pedal Harp

  • Equisse from Feuillets d’Album by Henriette Renie

  • Seguidilla from the Suite of Eight Dances by Carlos Salzedo

Senior Lever Harp

  • Giga by Arcangelo Corelli, arranged by Barbara Brundage in Eighteenth Century Music

  • Pastorale by Marcel Grandjany

Junior Lever Harp

  • Reverie from Trois Petites Pièces by Marcel Grandjany

  • Theme from Sonata by W.A. Mozart, arranged by Betty Paret in Second Harp Book

The Program from the Winners' Recital held on Sunday June 11th at Trinity Episcopal Church in Ambler is as follows:

Complete List Of Winners Is As Follows:
Philadelphia Harp Chapter Competition 2017 Results:
Lever Harp Junior Division:
First Place: Isabelle Goldstein
Second Place: Ella Godsey
Third Place: Michelle Snyder

Pedal Harp Junior Division:
First Place: Alyssa Lawton
Second Place: Angelica Disanza
Third Place: Sofia Schwartz

Lever Harp Senior Division:
First Place: Minjee Cho
Second Place: Emma Raupp

Pedal Harp Senior Division:
First Place: Anju Felix
Second Place: Michael Rublesky
Third Place: Gianna Coffey