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July 20-23, 2017
Somerset Folk Harp Festival
Sheraton Pasippany, NJ
Somerset is one of the biggest and most popular harp festivals in the US, with 32 presenters and more than 100 workshops covering a wide array of topics and genres of music to players of all levels.  Add to that the biggest Exhibit Hall of harp makers and vendors on the East Coast and daily concerts with some of the world's great plers and you have an incredible harp vacation.  The $100 early-bird discount ends May 1, 2017.  So sign-up now.  See the website for all the details, including presenter bios and daily schedules.  PhillyHarp AHS member Kathy DeAngelo is the festival's director.  Contact her at kathy@harpagency.com for more information.

FALL 2017--TBD
Philly Harp Day
More details to follow

November 3-5, 2017
The Camac Festival
Washington, DC
For reservations, please call 856-428-1430 or email newjersey@vaharpcenter.com.  
  • Admission to all events is FREE, but registrations are requested to ensure your spot is reserved.
  • Free regulation of Camac harps by technician Liza Jensen [subject to availability, reservation required]
  • Isabel Moretti, Addi & Jacq, Charles Overton, Colleen Potter Thorburn, Nikolaz Cadoret 
For more information, please contact New Jersey Virginia Harp Center or visit the Camac website:

Camac Festival USA - program 2017

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