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July 5-11, 2020

Krislund Drive, Howard, PA, United States

You are, if...
You are between the ages of 13 and 20 years old and you play lever or pedal harp.
You want to have fun while becoming a better harpist. 
You want to learn how to practice so it doesn't feel boring or hard.
You want to make a lot of progress in a short time.
You want to make harp friends forever.​

Somerset Folk Harp Festival (Now Online)

July 16-19, 2020

Parsippany NJ

Announcement: The Somerset Folk Harp Festival has been moved online this summer!


This festival is an amazing 4-day conference celebrating the diversity of music, talent and experience of the folk harp world. Whether you want to focus on one style or type of music, solidify some specific skills, or try out something new, the breadth of this year’s 100+ workshop offerings from 35 presenters is sure to expand your musical horizon. See the website for more details.


Youth Harp Program at Somerset

July 16-19, 2019

Youth Harp Program at Somerset, directed by Dominique Dodge

Somerset Folk Harp Festival

A cozy, small program within our conference for young people to make friends and play harp together all while they have the opportunity to sample the full smorgasbord of other workshops that only Somerset offers. They can rub shoulders with harp players coming from all over the country and an incredible diversity of harps and music, not to mention the inspiration and motivation provided the daily concerts with some of the world's top players. And then there's the Exhibit Hall! Participants perform in the Sunday concert. Video of the program:

Harp Tour of Ireland

Oct. 1-10, 2020

10 fabulous harp-focused days in Ireland—from our daily dose of music with some of Ireland’s finest players and exclusive harp-centric exhibitions and museum visits combined with all the scenic sightseeing from Donegal to Drumshambo to Belfast and Dublin. See the itinerary on the website and reserve your seat today. Contact Kathy DeAngelo, 856-795-7637, with any questions.

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